Safe Rigging Slinging & Banksman Training Assessment Course (level – I, II, III)

Safe Rigging, Slinging and Banksman Assessment

Lifting Operations & Cargo Handling

Safe Rigging, Slinging and Banksman Assessment


This course is designed for construction site and industrial yards’ operators who utilize different types of cranes in building, civil engineering and mechanical activities. This Course will be useful for construction employers as it enables them to fulfill training obligations set by the Ministry of Labour. The course has been produced to applicable International Standards (BS, OSHA etc.), Regulations (LOLER, PUWER ETC.) and Local Legislation reflecting construction Industry and oil & gas (offshore/onshore) best practices.

This course is primarily for Riggers but is useful to Supervisors devising a simple rigging scheme and Tradesmen/Technicians etc. who encounter lifting and handling problems during day-to-day activities. The primary aim of this course is to alleviate everyday mechanical handling problems. At the end of this course, the personnel will be able to perform and conduct safe rigging and slinging activities and understand the safety requirements of the industry.

Benefits of The Course:

After completing the training successfully, the delegates will be able to acquire the following practical knowledge & skills: understanding of the different types of lifting appliances & lifting accessories (loose gear), SWL, WLL, required PPEs, load weight calculation, center of gravity, lifting point, lifting gears selection, inspection, types of hitches, sling angle, lifting area safety checks, rigging good & bad practices.

Course Content:

• Course introduction
• Load weight calculations
• Centre of gravity
• Lifting tackle types & inspection areas
• Types of Lifting Accessories (Loose gear)
• Wire Rope
• Chain Slings
• Shackles
• Eye Bolts
• Hooks
• Turn Buckle
• Lifting Beam & Spreader beam
• Crane Forks & C Hooks

• Plate Clamps
• Magnetic Lifter
• Vacuum Lifter
• Synthetic Web Slings
• Types of Hitches
• Single Vertical Hitch
• Bridle Hitch
• Basket Hitch
• Choker Hitch
• Angles of lifting
• Multi-leg sling method of rating
• Rigging equipment “good & bad practices”
• Hand signals

Course Duration:

One (01) Day – Theory & Assessment


Max. 15 – Min. 05


Familiarity with crane operation and rigging activities is required for course attendees.

Course Venue:

Courses are held at the RICI Training centre but alternatively can be held at a client’s premises and tailored to the client’s needs and convenience. For tailored courses, the number of participants will be dependent on facilities available.

Delegate Assessment:

Delegates will be assessed based on their progress throughout the course and a certificate of competence
will be issued to delegates deemed to have achieved a satisfactory standard.

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