Learning Services Outside Formal Education – Service Requirements

Learning Services Outside Formal Education - Service Requirements

ISO 29993:2017 

ISO 29993:2017 was released to further elaborate on the Service Requirements part of ISO 29990:2010 . This standard deals with the non formal education sector mainly and has technical part only, no management system requirements are given in this standard.  It provides more explicit requirements on how to effectively manage Learning Services which is clause 3 of ISO 29990:2010. The standard includes elaboration on all key requirements required for establishing an effective education system and includes areas such as learning need analysis, design of learning services, delivery of learning services, staff related issues, material development, analysis & monitoring of learning services etc. 

 ISO 29993:2017 can be applied in conjunction with the management system requirements specified in ISO 29990:2010 or ISO 21000:2018

ISO 29993:2018 Benefits

  • It’s a value-adding addition tool for the learning services providers implementing ISO 29990:2010
  • Helps in managing the training and development function to recognized International standards
  • Ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of training programs and external providers
  • Alignment of business strategy to organizational development framework
  • Assured quality assurance procedures to recognized international standards
  • Improved cost and budgetary improvements and Return on Investment
  • Improved leadership and management of the training and development function
  • Competitive advantage in the market.


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