Safe Hoist Operator (Passenger/Material) Training Assessment Course

Passenger Lift Operator Assessment Course

Lifting Operations & Cargo Handling

Passenger Lift Operator Assessment Course


This course is designed for construction site and industrial yards’ operatives who utilize different types of lifts i.e. Passenger Lift & Material Lift in construction activities. The course will be useful for participants as it enables Construction, Oil and Gas, Production Factories employers to fulfil safety requirements.

These regulations place a duty on all employers responsible for the operation of lifts to ensure:

  1. Lifts (passenger, goods or both) are subjected to a 6 monthly thorough examination by a competent person after which the competent person must issue a report of the examination which contains all the information prescribed in the Regulations.
  2. Where the report sets out conditions for the safe working of the lifts, these conditions must be adhered to.

Benefits of the Course:

An understanding of structure of passenger lifts, a knowledge of use of PPEs, understanding the difference between passenger and material hoist, an understanding of safe passenger lift operation, understanding of administrative and safety requirements, knowledge of current legislation, general attitude, performance during assessment.

Course Content:


• Course introduction
• General
• S.W.L
• Load weight calculations
• Structure of Passenger Lift
• Differentiating Passenger & Material Lift
• Safe Operation
• Administrative requirements
• Safety requirements


• Written exam (Lift operators)
• Operator field Assessment (cradle operators)
• Course closing

Course Duration:

One (01) Day – Theory & Assessment


Max. 15 – Min. 05


Familiarity with lift (Passenger/Material) operations & Safe Practices that are extensively used at construction sites / industrial yards and in the Oil & Gas Sector.

Course Venue:

Courses are held at the RICI Training center but alternatively can be held at a client’s premises and tailored to the client’s needs and convenience. For tailored courses, the numbers will be dependent on facilities available.

Delegate Assessment:

Delegates will be assessed based on their progress throughout the course and a certificate of competence will be issued to delegates deemed to have achieved a satisfactory standard.

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