HSE Rules, Safety Auditing and Safety Inspections Training

OHSE Rules Safety Auditing & Safety Inspections Training

HSE Management System

OHSE Rules Safety Auditing & Safety Inspections Training

HSE Management System

Occupational Health & Safety Course


The OHSE training program aims to give individuals a broad overview of occupational health & safety policy, procedures and practices employed at workplaces and an understanding of their safety responsibilities. The objective of this course is to raise awareness and provide support to all industries (construction, oil & gas and others etc.) on the methods of Occupational Health & Safety and how to implement them successfully.

Benefits of the Course:

After completing the training successfully, the delegates will be able to acquire the following practical knowledge & skills: Understanding of the different types of hazards, EME, Lifting Equipment, MWEP, and confined space safety management, international and local legislation to protect workers exposed to work site hazards, mitigation & minimizing the risks involve in their daily jobs.

Course Content:

• Introduction
• Roles & Responsibilities
• General Safety Rules
• Potential Hazards for workers in
• Scaffolds and Aerial Lifts
• Slips, Trips, and Fall Hazards
• Fall Protection
• Working with Electricity
• Lockout/Tagout Procedures
• Forklift Safety

• Excavation and Trenching Safety
• Cranes and Rigging Safety
• Powered Industrial Trucks
• Vehicle Safety
• Forklift Safety
• Excessive Noise
• Radiation Hazard
• Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
• Confined Spaces in
• Personal Protective Equipment

Course Duration:

02 days – Theory class, workshop,


Max. 15 – Min. 05


Familiarity with construction site activities is required for course attendees.

Course Venue:

Courses are held at the RICI Training center but alternatively can be held at a client’s premises and tailored to the client’s needs and convenience. For tailored courses, the number of participants will be dependent on facilities available.

Delegate Assessment:

Delegates will be assessed based on their progress throughout the course and a certificate of competence will be issued to delegates deemed to have achieved a satisfactory standard.

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