Radiation Safety Officer (Nuclear Gauges) – Haradh (Saudi National Only) – MRR-HR-24-00041

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QHSE/Radiation Safety Officer

At RICI Quality is all about managing the QHSE management system. QMS, EMS, OHS, ISO/IEC 17025 management systems are already developed and implemented, what is required from the QHSE officer is to ensure its effective implementation, monitoring and improvements. In this respect we are looking for a young dynamic quality conscious, willing to travel frequently person to take up this role to take the organization to the next level of excellence. An English/Arabic speaking shall be preferred.

Job description:

QHSE/Radiation Safety Officer


  1. Valid License
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Science
  3. 2-1 year(s) experience in the same field of nuclear measurement devices
  4. Fluent in Arabic and English (speaking and writing)
  5. Work location: Haradh


1.      Manage existing quality management systems (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 45001, ISO 17025), and assist the QHSE Supervisor for the updates, improvements, revisions.

2.     Run internal trainings, creating awareness about the systems through out the organization. 

3.     Planning and scheduling of internal audits, preparation of reports

4.     Conduct internal audits in accordance with Established Audit plans.

5.     Conduct monthly radiation safety audit of the assigned lab(s).

6.     Face external auditors during certification/accreditation audits

7.     Effective communication with clients like accreditation bodies and clients.

8.     Support Operations teams to ensure appropriate implementation of polices and procedures.

9.     Assist QHSE Supervisor to Plan and Conduct Management Review Meetings

10.   Preparing and Submitting Monthly Quality Management Reports.

11.   Reporting to the QHSE Supervisor, Department Head and top management for all quality related issues.

12.   To ensure full cooperation and coordination with customers

13.   To prepare and submit QHSE & Radiation Safety documents for project-based approvals.

14.   To coordinate with the civil lab team to achieve control, monitoring and implementation of QHSE and Radiation Safety

15.   To develop, maintain, and improve the business Integrated Management System to underpin QHSE and operating standards.

16.   To maintain a risk register, reviewing QHSE risks and escalating where appropriate

17.   To support the training and development of all staff to ensure awareness and understanding of QHSE Standards and the relevance to business objectives.

18.   To provide a single business focus for accident and incident reporting and assist with subsequent investigation process; provide trend analysis to Head of the Department, and QHSE Supervisor to support and provide focus for driving positive behaviors and culture within the business.

19.   To participate in external audits of QHSE and Radiation Safety of different branches as a focal point and report on QHSE performance and provide assurance to QHSE team of customer

20.   To perform internal audits of QHSE and Radiation Safety of different branches and report to the Head of Department and QHSE Supervisor.

21.   To maintain quality, safety, and environmental systems; implement and audit to achieve compliance with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 45001.

22.   To be professionally accountable to the Head of Department and QHSE Supervisor.

23.   Assist QHSE Supervisor to Generate Health, Safety and Environment Plans and ensure continual compliance and improvement.

24.   Responsible for day-to-day coordination and maintenance of Health, Safety and Environment systems.

25.   Reporting to QHSE Supervisor & Senior Management on the performance of QHSE system.

26.   Identifying legislative requirements applicable to the operations and ensuring full compliance.

27.   Recording accidents and incidents and providing weekly/monthly statistics.

28.   Providing HSE presentations and trainings to current and new staff.

29.   Working in liaison with departments and ensuring compliance of HSE.

30.   Developing processes and procedures to avoid HSE violations and accidents.

31.   Performing regular assessments as per legislations at regular intervals.

32.   Performing root cause analysis to incidents and implementing corrective actions.

33.   Renewal & Upgradation of Radiation Practicing License

34.   Arranging safe transport of Nuclear Density Gauges

35.   Applying for import and export permits for Nuclear Density Gauges.

36.   Conduct Weekly Survey of Radiation Storage area.

37.   Conduct daily verification of sign in/out of Nuclear Gauges.

38.   Ensure all Nuclear Gauges and related radiation monitoring equipment including but not limited to Survey meters, TLD, EPD, Area Monitor etc. are calibrated and available as per the NRRC requirements.

39.   Ensure leak test report is updated.

40.   This is not the exhaustive list of responsibilities and the QHSE Supervisor and or senior in your reporting line has right to assign additional responsibilities which comes under your direct or indirect scope of work.

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