Civil Lab Supervisor – Tabuk – MRR-HR-23-00028

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Civil Lab Supervisor


  1. English is a must
  2. Bachelor degree
  3. Aramco Approval Card
  4. 4 years experience


  1. Supervise complete operations of construction material testing technically in the laboratory and field operations
  2. Supervision of the laboratory workforce (Asst. Supervisors, laboratory technicians, field technicians), administration
  3. Training newly hired technicians
  4. Ensuring that Quality management system ISO17025 implementation, monitoring and measurement
  5. Daily verification of sampling, NDG deputation log, equipment performance & temperature logs, Unbonded Logbook.
  6. Inspection of housekeeping of laboratory, sampling area & other under-controlled premises.
  7. Receiving inspection of samples & specimens.
  8. Verification & signing of the final reports, Monthly Monitoring Reports (MMRs), equipment inventory list, verification certificates, calibration certificate receiving, verification of equipment and material receiving inspection, monthly invoices of testing.
  9. Verification of sampling, NDG deputation log, equipment performance, temperature logs, worksheets, testing schedules, final reports, MMR’s.
  10. Review of timesheets, worksheet, final reports, invoices, verification & calibration certificates.
  11. Monitor cumulative & productive utilization of concerned laboratory & field team.
  12. Signing of worksheets, final reports, MMR’s, invoices of testing, invoices of newly received items or equipment, advance copies of results, equipment inventory.
  13. Customer dealing & meetings.
  14. Raising the support tickets & MR’s.
  15. Maintaining & improving the QMS.
  16. Entertaining customer & SAPID/SAPMT visits to the laboratory.
  17. Weekly survey of the radiation bunker.
  18. Maintaining the raw materials inventory.
  19. Ensuring implementation of Quality Assurance testing including but not limited Retained Samples Testing, Interlaboratory Testing, Proficiency Testing etc.
  20. Ensure timely completion of testing cycle as per the schedule.
  21. Ensure optimum utilization of lab staff.
  22. Ensure timely submission of reports
  23. Inform the lab manager about customer with due payment and take written permission for next activity and next report submission for customer with Statement of Account (SOA) exceeding due payment.
  24. Reporting and logging any nonconformance, incident and equipment failure on company portal.
  25. Reporting and logging any customer complaint and Saudi Aramco logbook entry (LBE) on company portal.
  26. Training of staff for field and lab testing as per accreditation scope.
  27. Assist Lab Manager in research and development activities
  28. Implement all required forms and sheets which are made mandatory for digital transformation e.g., Daily Utilization, Reporting Log, Equipment list etc.
  29. Effective asset utilization of all lab and field equipment and tools.
  30. Verification of overtime of technicians and supporting staff.
  31. Inform customer for any planned or unplanned mobilization of technician from the project at least 30 days prior.
  32. Participate in all compliance and regulatory audits & Assessments and ensure timely closure of related findings of those audits and assessments.
  33. Review and verify electronic attendance and report to HR incase of any HR issue related to assigned team members.


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