ISO 29993:2017: Learning Services outside Formal Education

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ISO 29993:2017: Learning Services outside Formal Education

Many professionals seek learning services beyond formal education to address the growing market need for skilled individuals. Employee needs evolve along with disciplines and, because there are many competing learning services, only key strategic decisions will allow learning service providers to become the number one choice for their customers.

One such strategic move is getting certified for ISO 29993:2017: Learning Services outside Formal Education – Service Requirements.

This standard allows professionals to learn about:

  1. Quality;
  2. Efficient Process Sequence;
  3. Effective Outputs of Learning Services outside Formal Education;
  4. Value-Added Informed Decisions on the Purchase of such Services

The benefits of this standard are as follows:

  • Improving the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of learning services by aligning elements such as advertising, information provided to learners, needs analysis, design, assessment and evaluation, etc
  • Improve the credibility of the service provider
  • Facilitate with a model to improve learning services that enable organizational knowledge-sharing
  • Demonstrate the reliability and quality of learning services

Note: RICI is an accredited certifying body that offers a wide range of certifications; one of them being the ISO 29993:2017. RICIs commitment to improving quality in multiple disciplines of management systems is unmatched, with many organizations and professionals having benefited from its services.

To learn more about the ISO 29993:2017 certification: click here

To find out more about RICIs services: click here

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