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API Q1 training serves as a profitable turning point

In a rapidly changing world, organizations need to ensure that their employees upskill regularly. API Q1 training, therefore, serves as a profitable turning point for professionals in quality management, especially in the manufacturing sector pertaining to the oil and gas industry.


API Spec Q1 is a prestigious company-level certification for manufacturing companies that provide products and services to the petroleum and natural gas industry. Achieving this certification demonstrates a company’s commitment to providing consistent quality in a competitive market. As a result, after acquiring the API Spec Q1 certification, companies can then apply for, and get, the API Monogram for their equipment.


Before attending any training program for this certification, however, it is important to check if the organization providing the API Q1 course is an API U training provider. Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) is exactly such an organization, which then provides applicant companies the opportunity to engage their teams in multiple locations because RICI offers API training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dubai, China and Pakistan.


The API Q1 training can be attended by API Monogram Licensees and Applicants, Quality System Auditors, Quality Assurance Personnel and Management Representatives, Manufacturers of Oilfield Equipment, Personnel involved in Supplier Evaluation Activities, Oil Company Personnel involved with Specifying Equipment Requirements or individuals with basic quality management system knowledge.


Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the world being forced to switch into online mode, both for working and studying, learning and professional growth is not bound by geographical locations and RICI’s experienced trainers are available for those seeking distant learning options. RICI’s training capabilities also extend to API “Train-the-Trainer” courses for mid-career professionals aiming to broaden their horizons.

API Q1 Course Details


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