Learning Services for Non-Formal Education and Training – Basic Requirements

Learning Services for Non-Formal Education & Training
- Basic Requirements

ISO 29993:2018

ISO 29993:2018 is a standard focusing on training institutes, identified in the standard as Learning Services Providers (LSPs) which are dealing with the non-formal education sector – like vocational training, skills-related training , in-company training etc. 

ISO 29993:2018 provides the management system and basic service requirements on how to provide learning services outside formal education. The standard focuses on the learning needs of the students or learners, addresses requirements related to effective delivery of services as well as the requirements related to the sponsors of the learning services – like government funding authorities, parent companies or associations. 

The standard focuses on the management system requirements for any institute providing learning services which are delivered using techniques like conventional in-person services, mediated by technology, or a blend of both.

In cases where the learning service provider is part of an organization that delivers products (like an in-house training department in a company manufacturing products goods or providing services), ISO 29993:2018 only applies to the learning services.

Where learning organizations require additional technical requirements on the learning service they can implement ISO 29993:2018 as an add-on. RICI also offers separate accredited certification to ISO 29993:2018 as a value-added service. 

ISO 29993:2018 Benefits

  • The quality of education is systematically improved.
  • The transparency of learning services is established; the competitive ability of services increases.
  • The needs of the trainees acquire a central role in the evaluation of services.
  • Learning processes are improved by the establishment of continuous monitoring.
  • Clearly defined and documented processes create transparency and reduce the learning curve in case of staff 
  • Education and Training contribute to the development of an Organization and thus, create a competitive advantage for any organization to apply the principles of ISO 29990.

ISO 29993:2018 Learning Services Outside Formal Education – Service Requirements

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