Information Security Management System

Information Security Management System ISO 27001: 2013

Data is crucial to businesses today. Whether it is client data or a company’s own sensitive data, information security breaches have a major impact on a company’s business continuity and revenues. To help ascertain that the information security in your organization is not susceptible to breaches, RICI Company Limited offers certification to ISO 27001, an Information Security Management System that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and security of company information. 

Today we live an increasingly connected world where information security breaches are a growing threat. In some sectors like banking, financial institutions, hospitals, laboratories, e-retail services etc., data breaches can be damaging for customers and the organization. Therefore, information security regulations are becoming more stringent for organizations of all sizes. To safeguard data, organizations have many choices in the open market. However, effective implementation of Information Security Management Systems can be determined by assessing the management system against the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. The internationally recognized certification from RICI Company Limited  will support companies to demonstrate the integrity and confidentiality of their information security systems and reduce the risk of information security breaches. 

Benefits of ISO 27001

  • Identifies and reduces information security risks
  • Supports in developing a comprehensive information security policy
  • Preserves the reputation of the organization
  • Extends assurance to stakeholders and regulators of a secure information management system

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