Business Continuity Management System

Business Continuity Management System ISO 22301

Organizations are vulnerable to a variety of natural and man-made emergencies, disasters, and hazards. Recognizing that not all events can be prevented and some risks may be deemed acceptable, proper planning is essential to maintain or restore services when an unexpected or unavoidable event disrupts normal operations. Attaining ISO 22301 certification instills confidence in an organization’s sustainability plan among its stakeholders.

Business continuity planning includes the identification of vulnerabilities, priorities, dependencies, and measures for developing plans to facilitate continuity and recovery before, during, and after such a disruption. Comprehensive business continuity plans are designed and implemented to ensure continuity of operations under abnormal conditions. Plans promote the readiness of organizations for rapid recovery in the face of adverse events or conditions, minimize the impact of such circumstances, and provide means to facilitate functioning during and after emergencies. The internationally recognized certification from RICI Company Limited  will support organizations to assure their customers about the organization’s business continuity plans.

Benefit of ISO 22301:

  • Expands the knowledge of Business Continuity Management System; helps an organization meet business objectives
  • Strengthens a company’s reputation management
  • Increases a company’s customer reliability
  • Supports in identifying risks and minimizes the impact of incidents
  • Improves the recovery time
  • Attain international recognition

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