Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Occupational Health & Safety-General

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Occupational Health & Safety-General

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course


Fire safety is applicable to any workplace and is attributed to electrical causes, negligence, arson, burning rubbish, poor housekeeping, or mishandling of electrical instruments, flammables and explosive materials. Workers need to be familiar with fire hazards, types and causes of fire. They also need to learn about the different methods of fire extinguishing and all related methodology. They also should learn the use of fire fighting equipment, types and use in a specific environment.

Practical experience – using firefighting equipment in putting out an actual fire is an important part of this course.

Course Content:

Theoretical Content

• Theory and elements of fire
• Classes and types of fires
• Main Causes of fire
• Other hazards associated with fire
• Kinds of fire extinguishers
• Fire hazard and risk assessment
• Firefighting strategies, ground preparations and
considerations before firefighting
• Size up consideration
• Roles and responsibilities during fires and security
• Record keeping -Reporting, evacuation and after the
fire control requirements

01 Who Should Attend

Employees, Technicians, Supervisors,
Managers, OHS professionals

02 Assessment Methods

Interactive group discussion, individual
activities, practicals and exercises

03 Assessment Criteria

Candidates should know the fire triangle elements, fire types, causes of fire, and associated risks. Understand correct types of fire extinguishers (Dry chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Foam and Water) to be used during an emergency situation

Practical Content

• Practice for use of different fire extinguishers (Dry
Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Foam and Water)
• Use of high-pressure hose reel
• Use of high pressure 4″ fire truck hose
• Practical exercise includes setting a real class 1 fire and
each trainee will have the chance to practice firefighting

Course Duration:

One (01) Day.

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