Lifting & Rigging Equipment Inspection & Operational Generals Training Assessment Course

Lifting & Rigging Equipment Inspection and Operation

Lifting Operations & Cargo Handling

Lifting & Rigging Equipment Inspection & Operation


To increase awareness in Lifting Operation, Lifting Gears General, Lifting Machine Manual, Lifting Machine Power to effectively fulfil the duties & responsibilities in connection with Operation, Inspection, and Maintenance. This course is suitable for supervisors, technicians, and managers responsible for lifting.

Lifting operations are inherent to many occupations in the construction industry. They can be performed manually or using lifting equipment. Both manual lifting and mechanical lifting operations can put construction workers at great risk of injury or health symptoms causing sick leave or disability. The costs of accidents and ill health related to lifting operations, are immense. Therefore, by providing appropriate training to lifting personnel, organizations can ensure significant reduction in the cost associated with safety hazards, incompetence, and delays.

Course Reference:

This RICI training course is based on International Standards, LEEA Code of Practice, LOLER Regulation 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11, BS7121, BSEN818, BSEN13414, BSEN12079, DNV2.7.1, BSEN13889,BSEN4278, BSEN13558. This course has been produced to BRITISH STANDARDS and Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA – UK) ISO 4309& ANSI B30. 3.

Course Content:


• The Law
• Standards and Codes of Practice
• Materials
• Methods of Manufacture
• Stress and Strain in Lifting
• Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
• Verification of Lifting Equipment
• Chains for Lifting Purposes
• Wire Rope Construction
• Revision Assignment
• Components
• Chain Slings
• Wire Rope Slings
• Shackles
• Eyebolts
• Textile Slings
• Mechanics – Simple Machines
• Feedback Session


• The Law
• Stress and Strain in Lifting Equipment
• Heat Treatment
• Vectors and Forces
• Rating of Lifting Gear for General
• Verification of Lifting Gear
• Chain for Lifting Purposes
• Wire Rope
• Practical Assignment
• Components for Slings
• Eyebolts
• Shackles
• Chain Slings
• Wire Rope Slings
• Textile Slings
• Practical Assignment
• Plate Clamps
• Lifting Beams
• Lifting Crane Forks and C-Hook
• Feedback Session


• The Law
• Standards and Codes of Practice
• Examination and Testing Procedures
• Accessories (1)
• Accessories (2)
• Travelling Trolleys
• Power Feed Systems
• Electrical Circuits in Power Hoists
• Limit Switches and Devices
• Overload Devices for Electrical Hoists
• Brakes (Sliding Rotor Principle)
• Disc Brakes (Disc Type)
• Electric Hoist Motors
• Pneumatic Hoists (1)
• Pneumatic Hoists (2)
• Hoist Construction
• Reeving and Rope Guides
• Chain Hoists
• Feedback Session
• The Law
• Overview of Work at Height
• Standards and Codes of Practice
• Design
• Construction
• Testing

Course Duration:

03 days – Theory class, workshop, case study & quiz etc.


This course is suitable for supervisors, technicians and managers with responsibility for lifting operations.


Participants should be familiar with lifting equipment operation and inspection criteria. Participants should be familiar with course language (English) and basics of standards.

Course Language:


Course Venue (By Client):

  • Venue & Classroom seating arrangement.
  • Projector.
  • White Board With marker pens.

Certification Validity:

Two (02) Years.

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