RICI Board and Team Members

RICI Board Members​

Mr. Tariq Al-Hussaini

Mr. Tariq bin Zafar Al-Hussaini, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited, has no peer when it comes to his list of achievements over a career that has spanned more than four decades.

Armed with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Psychology and Business Management, Mr. Al-Hussaini has created a business organisation that straddles continents and benefits entire countries; that covers the gamut from the oil and gas industry to finance; and from Information Technology and engineering to risk management.

Mr. Al-Hussaini’s profound understanding of the legislative processes in different countries has enabled him to provide crucial inputs to strategic governance efforts, wherever required. His consummate appraisals of the efficacy of different-sized organizations, allied to his constant quest for integrity and sustainable progress, have enabled RICI, which he launched in 1992, to become a world-leader in its field.

Possessed of a keen, analytical mind, Mr. Al-Hussaini lays high stock on integrity and ethics, and the ability to meet a challenge head-on. His excellent communication, and strong diplomatic, skills allow him to be at ease in any environment and his role in mentoring a new, international generation of professionals has been widely acknowledged across the board.

Mr. Ali Tariq specializes in Project Management, Process Improvement and Business Analytics, all while also serving as a Member, Board of Directors, of Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited.

Mr. Tariq has over ten years of experience in engineering and management positions in the nuclear, defense, aerospace and oil & gas sectors, after acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and, thereafter, a Master’s degree in Quality Systems Engineering.

As a seasoned professional, Mr. Tariq’s focus on constantly improving processes positively impacts his own professional development as well as those around him. Teamwork, he believes, is of the essence and the key to any organization achieving much sought-after international certifications and targets.

Mr. Ali Tariq

Mr. Mazhar Hussain

Having developed several winning teams across the globe that have had a major impact on Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited’s growth, Mr. Mazhar Hussain also serves as a Member on the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Hussain brings widespread experience to his role in the company, leading the way in business development, sales & marketing and talent acquisition. His business acumen also benefits RICI as he expertly contributes to strategic planning and provides inputs for organizational transformation along with providing insights into budgeting.

Mr. Hussain’s leadership extends to entrepreneurships, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures for oil & gas and to the petrochemical, industrial, energy and infrastructure industries. In recent years, his ground-breaking efforts at RICI allowed the company to gain international  acclaim as it created partnerships with various certification bodies around the world.

Mr. Hussain strongly believes that the way forward is through digital transformation. Artificial intelligence and process automation, combined with risk-based thinking, he believes, will play a pivotal role in business continuity in the not-too-distant future.

RICI Team Members​

Amna Al-Hussaini

A certified lead trainer, curriculum developer and training/program analyst, Amna Al-Hussaini also sits on Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited’s Board of Directors.

Ms. Al-Hussaini holds a Business degree from the University of Toronto and, with her credentials as a lead trainer certified by the Chartered Quality Institute in the United Kingdom, she has conducted countless lead auditor training programs focused on Quality and Food Hygiene in the Middle East. She is also a certified Lead Assessor/Auditor for Management System Standard by International Accreditation Services-USA and FSSC, BRC, HACCP standards.

In 2011, Ms. Al-Hussaini established the Resources Training Center, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which was subsequently granted approval by IRCA-UK. The center functions, in essence, as a global training academy, offering management system training programs to in-person applicants as well as those applying online from around the world.

Ms. Al-Hussaini has also published an internationally acclaimed curriculum – the IRCA-CQI-UK approved Lead Auditor FSMS 22000 and EnMS 50001 training course – that has been accessed by over 500 trainees in more than 22 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently heading the department of metrology at Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited, Muhammad Jawad Ali brings his considerable experience to bear as he marshals his team and inspires them to achieve greater heights.

An industrial engineer, who later also garnered an MBA degree, Mr. Ali is known for his strategic decision-making, business intelligence and change management skills – all acquired over a more-than-decade-long career in various industries.

Mr. Ali’s expertise extends across sectors: from the oil & gas industry to energy and renewable energy research; and to the development of systems that help independent calibration and testing laboratories to improve and innovate.

A thorough professional, Mr. Ali leads his department in an accomplished and efficient manner, inspiring his team by constantly motivating them and empowering them to realize their true potential.

Muhammad Jawad Ali

Naufal Saad

Mr. Naufal Saad, aided by an integrated mechanical engineering degree and background, manages Industrial Inspections at Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company Limited.

Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills enable Mr. Saad to handle this key department with consummate ease, no small task considering complex situations abound: with some involving the competing objectives of cost and quality and lean manufacturing concepts and principles.

Mr. Saad’s excellent technical writing ability combines with his above-par leadership to ensure strong time management within his team and his sound understanding of his own function within the department ensures that his unit performs its duties with clockwork precision.

Ms. Batool Alshwihin, the Human Resource (HR) manager at RICI, is renowned for her entrepreneurial, innovative approach to HR operations as well as to global strategic initiatives and HR operations.

Skilled in diverse areas, including HR, talent and performance management, learning and development and succession planning, Ms. Alshwihin is a communicator par excellence, constantly focused on raising the bar and ensuring that the company’s operational requirements are being met.

Ms. Alshwihin has committed herself to promoting synergy across business lines to drive positive changes at RICI: a feat achieved via the implementation of HR solutions, staff development initiatives and process improvements. Her successful track record shows that the HR initiatives she has pioneered at RICI have produced dividends in the form of an added value to the company’s business vision and an easily discernible improvement in performance.

Batool Alshwihin

Hamza Khalid

In addition to a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Mr. Khalid has received various internationally recognized certifications and his extensive experience in information technology, cybersecurity, business intelligence and management systems makes him the perfect choice to lead RICI’s IT & Cybersecurity Department and the company’s Quality Assurance Division. 

Mr. Khalid is also the Course Program Manager at RICI’s Training Division — a position bolstered by the fact that he has authored 15 IRCA-UK Approved Training Course Programs and Curriculums which are bring taught around the world.

A detail-oriented finance manager, Ms. Roqaya Zawad is highly regarded for her leadership ability at RICI.

Accustomed to managing multiple projects simultaneously in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, Ms. Zawad has exceptional analytical skills and has consistently demonstrated a supremely professional understanding of business needs which enables her to deliver comprehensive reports for RICI’s stakeholders.

Ms. Zawad believes that any team environment benefits immensely from the spirit of collaboration – and she leads from the front in that regard, inspiring and motivating individuals from very diverse backgrounds to gel into units that function in perfect unison.

Roqaya Zawad

Usamah Al-Hussaini

With an Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Surrey, Usamah Al-Hussaini has excelled at both the technical as well as the business development aspects of the industry.

Mr. Al-Hussaini currently focuses on ISO Certification, Training and Inspection services at Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) Company limited. Despite still being young in his professional career, he has already distinguished himself as an authority in this field.

A Member of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), Mr. Al-Hussaini has already received a diploma from the UK-based National Examination Board in Safety and Health (NEBOSH). In addition, he has received IRCA-granted Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Information Security Management System and Business Continuity System Lead Auditor certifications.

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