Microbiologist– Dammam (Saudi National Only) –MRR-HR-23-00012

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To manage all the operations of laboratory (including samples collection, analysis, & reporting) and support in implementation of quality procedures.



 Preferred if having Bachelor of Microbiology or Science

  • With at least 2-5 years of relevant experience.
  • Should have Saudi Driving



  • Good in usage of LIMS and Microsoft Office (specifically excel).
  • Awareness of ISO 17025:2017.
  • Having good mathematic skills.
  • Should be fluent in English. Preferred Arabic and Urdu / Hindi

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform routine and laboratory tasks.
  • Obtain and analyze results, performing analyses such as bacteriology, and virology, parasitology, and mycology.
  • Assist in the development of interpretive protocols, policies and procedures.
  • Conduct microbial tests, including plate counts, coliform counts, E. coli counts, Legionella counts, and yeast and mold counts, following current state standards.
  • Perform laboratory analysis of environmental samples, including using standard microbiological techniques.
  • Chemical testing of Oil, Water, Lubricants, Food, Feed, Construction Material, Fertilizer, Paints, and Cement samples as per International Standards.
  • Ensure testing procedure followed during testing.
  • Ensure testing done as per standards (Saudi ARAMCO, SAES standards, and all other standards).
  • Ensure testing forms completely filled before making the final report.
  • Perform daily cleaning of equipment.
  • Perform quality control duties.
  • Assist with quality control procedures and laboratory quality assurance.
  • Ensure calibration status of equipment before use.
  • Ensure equipment is working properly.
  • Wear Safety items before the start of test.
  • Inform management of any accident.
  • Take sufficient assistance and read work instructions carefully before operating any equipment for the first time.
  • Ensure Safe operation of equipment and Avoid Mishandling of equipment.
  • Re-Check calculations for confirmation.
  • Ensure checklists are properly followed and filled during the testing procedure.
  • Ensure in-depth knowledge of ASTM, EPA, SASO & AASHTO standards.
  • Participate actively in the training sessions.
  • Conduct testing as per daily testing schedule.
  • Ensure on time arrival on site.
  • Ensure full cooperation with customers.
  • Ensure sampling is done as per defined schedules.
  • Ensure on time picking of samples from sites.
  • Ensure same transport of samples to the main or site labs.
  • Ensure appropriate information sheet handed over to supervisors.
  • Prepare and deliver finalized reports to customers.

Your job description may vary from time to time with the sole discretion of the company.

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