Technical Manager- Dammam- (Saudi National Only) – MRR000090

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Technical Manager- Dammam :

At RICI, calibration is the comparison of an instrument whose value is in question (the Unit Under Calibration, or UUC) to another instrument whose value is known (the Metrology Standard) and is more accurate than the UUC (i.e., contains a much smaller uncertainty). A calibration is not an adjustment, correction, or repair though. Those are separate actions that could be taken as a result of the calibration action, which is simply to report how much error is in the UUC. If the error exceeds a pre-determined limit (usually the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranted performance specifications) then an adjustment or repair may be needed in order to minimize the UUC error. In this respect we are looking for an experienced and motivated Technical Manager who shall be able to run the operations profitably, maintaining quality management based on ISO9001, General requirements for the competence for the testing and calibration laboratories based on ISO17025, Laboratory Information Management System based on LIMS, and knowledge about financial accounting is a must. Operations Analyst has to take responsibility for all aspects of the labs where they work, including equipment, employees, supplies, software, and documentation.  He has to ensure the operational performance of team members like supervisors, engineers, technicians and coordinators.

Preferred Qualifications:


University degree in Engineering (mechanical, electrical or electronics, instrumentation, petroleum)


Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar position
Age: 28-50 years

Preferred Knowledge:


  • Metrological technical standards Knowledge. (Electrical / Mechanical/ Mass / Pressure etc.)
  • Resource scheduling and planning
  • Working knowledge of LIMS, ERP
  • Knowledge of ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001
  • Operating knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Word/Power point/Projects
  • Mathematics and statistical knowledge
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Accounting Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Lean Management, Kaizen, 5S, Mc-Kinsey 7s
  • Uncertainty estimations


Responsibilities & authorities:


  • To assign tasks and monitor performance of Supervisors
  • To achieve the assigned targets and departmental objectives
  • To deliver trainings and conducting audits when needed.
  • To expand the capability & capacity of calibration lab through regular R&D
  • To monitor and ensure the growth of calibration lab and its team (Technical & Logistics)
  • To review and approve new technical procedures and provide training to calibration engineers.
  • To provide all the resources to the team required for timely execution
  • To evaluate the progress of all team members
  • To support and assist procurement in procuring all the reference equipment for laboratories
  • To propose improvements on monthly basis.
  • To select and evaluate new subcontractors/suppliers before subcontracting and purchasing supplies.
  • To validate and authenticate the results/reports and calibration certificates when required
  • To validate uncertainty measurement sheets prepared by Quality & Technical Supervisors
  • To approve the proposal/ quotations prepared by marketing team/ coordinator
  • To acknowledge the purchase orders/ contract from client
  • To perform all other related jobs assigned by higher management
  • To maintain accreditations of ISO 17025
  • To conduct Data Analysis of all the processes of laboratory
  • To maintain Customer satisfaction
  • To maintain Employee Satisfaction
  • Your job description may vary from time to time with at the sole discretion of the company.
  • Authorizing the calibration certificates
  • Shortlisting new resources
  • Approving leave applications of all relevant team members
  • Approving monthly overtime
  • Approving all new purchase order after reviewing the technical requirements.
  • Approving final price list for all calibrations.




  • Leadership
  • Communication skills (Written and Verbal both in English, Preference will be given for English/Arabic Both)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team Building
  • Positive Thinking
  • Driving
  • Analytical and critical thinking abilities.

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