World Quality Day

World Quality day

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World Quality Day

RICI proudly celebrates World Quality Day – part of the globally-recognized World Quality Week – today.

As a CQI and IRCA (UK) Approved Trainer and a Certification Body associated with IAS (US), RICI has consistently maintained its position among the world’s very best quality service providers for Third Party Inspection, Testing, Calibration and Management Systems Auditing, Certifications and Training to Government, Semi-Government entities as well as the private sector along with individuals who seek top-notch Quality Control and Quality Assurance compliance according to international standards in different fields.

World Quality Week has been celebrated across the world since the early 1970s, with November as the month of choice. The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has chosen November 8-12 as the dates for this year’s World Quality Week, with November 11 earmarked as World Quality Day.

In keeping with the times, with the world’s focus on the environment and the rising dangers of climate change, the theme of the CQI 2021 World Quality Week is: “Sustainability – Improving our products, people and planet.”

The focus will be on quality’s role in sustainability and its environmental, social and governances (ESG) impact.

The World Quality Month, Week and Day celebration also affords companies, such as RICI, the opportunity to raise the level of quality awareness in the company and to recognize the efforts and contributions of quality professionals. In addition, it enables the company to celebrate the successes that the organization and its people have achieved in recent years.

Throughout RICI’s journey of excellence, spanning half a century, the company’s progress has been defined by its leadership, skills and core values. As an international entity, with the company’s presence spreading across continents, RICI recognizes its role in the world as a responsible corporate citizen and has committed itself to ensuring that the organization meets all applicable standards for the protection of the environment; and, by extension, ensures that its clients are also held to the same standards.

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