Coordinator MRR000034

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Position Details:

Position Name


Job Id: MRR000034

Department Name

Certification & Training

Department Region


Job Requirements:


Diploma or Graduation degree

Special skills & knowledge

  • Good communication skills
  • Computer related skills
  • Strong in follow up


Relevant Experience & Approvals


To handle operational coordination activities of C&T department.


Valid RSO Certificate
Saudi Aramco-BPCTU CTTA Valid Card
ACI Concrete certified technician
Microsoft office (word, excel)
English reading & writing


  • Obtain Relevant Training materials
  • Report of Monthly utilization of Auditor/Trainer
  • Sending daily inspection/training/audit schedule
  • Arranging logistics (booking air ticket, hotel reservation etc.) for Auditor/Trainer
  • Checking, filing and maintain compensation leave record of Auditor/Trainer
  • Checking, filing of Expense sheets for Auditor/Trainer
  • Respond to complaints from customer and give after-sales support when requested.
  • Coordinate with clients for planning of audit/training on time
  • Arranging/Dispatching to client on time certificates (training and certifications)
  • Ensure the adequacy of training-related materials (manuals, workshops, attendance, feedback, assessment forms etc.)
  • Preparing / arranging audit pack
  • Sending Daily schedule of Auditor/Trainer
  • Sending reminder for pending reports to Auditor/Trainer and update to operation manager
  • Updates log for follow up reports

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