Calibration Coordinator MRR000037

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Calibration Coordinator:

Position Details:

Position Name

Calibration Coordinator

Job Id: MRR000037

Department Name


Department Region

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Dammam/ Khobar

Job Requirements:


Diploma / Bachelor’s degree

Special skills & knowledge

• Communication skills (Written and Verbal both in English, Preference will be given for English/Arabic Both)
• Time Management & Organizational Skills
• Negotiation skill
• Positive Thinking
• Time Management & Organizational Skills




At RICI, calibration is the comparison of an instrument whose value is in question (the Unit Under Calibration, or UUC) to another instrument whose value is known (the Metrology Standard) and is more accurate than the UUC (i.e., contains a much smaller uncertainty). A calibration is not an adjustment, correction, or repair though. Those are separate actions that could be taken because of the calibration action, which is simply to report how much error is in the UUC. If the error exceeds a pre-determined limit (usually the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s warranted performance specifications) then an adjustment or repair may be needed in order to minimize the UUC error. In this respect we are looking for an experienced and motivated Coordinator who can handle all the office coordination with respect to quality, sales, logistics, procurement, and operations.

Preferred knowledge:

  • Working knowledge of LIMS, ERP, CRM
  • Knowledge of ISO 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001
  • Operating knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint
  • Risk Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Metrological technical standards Knowledge. (Electrical / Mechanical/ Mass / Pressure etc.)
  • Mathematics and statistical knowledge
  • Knowledge of Lean Management, Kaizen, 5S.
  • Uncertainty estimations
  • Customer relationship management


  • To review all the final calibration certificates for mistakes and corrections before final authorization by Supervisor
  • To verify if all the observation sheets are properly filled by engineers and maintain their scanned copies and records.
  • To rectify certificates and re-submit for verification and approval.
  • To ensure and maintain the revisions of latest reference standards used in the lab.
  • To maintain all quality, technical and business records as per ISO requirements and ensure all record (soft and hard copies) are secure and traceable.
  • To maintain and update the list of reference equipment.
  • To get customer feedbacks from clients
  • To Ensure 5S implementation and cleanliness in the laboratory.
  • To maintain traceable record of reports and certificates in computer.
  • To ensure work environment for calibration department is identified, maintained, and monitored as per ISO requirement.
  • To ensure all master equipment is calibrated from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
  • To prepare and update equipment maintenance schedule.
  • To maintain Customer and employee satisfaction through conducting surveys
  • To Ensure full cooperation and coordination with customers and internal team members on regular basis
  • To maintain traceable record of all inquiries, proposals, and purchase orders.
  • To send reminders to all the clients well in time.
  • To prepare the report of daily visits of marketing team
  • To make follow ups with the clients through calls and emails.
  • To prepare and send the quotations/ proposals/ BIDs to clients based on the RFQs received.
  • To maintain the data on CRM.
  • To provide back-office support to the sales and marketing team
  • To acknowledge the purchase orders/ contract from client
  • To perform all the related tasks to CRM, LIMS, and RICI Portals.
  • To prepare and validate the OT sheets (if any)
  • To send equipment to calibration laboratories on appropriate time for outsourced calibrations
  • To raise PRs and Purchase orders as per the requirements of laboratory
  • To conduct Data Analysis of all the processes of laboratory
  • To ensure equipment maintenance and cleaning before and after the calibration
  • To ensure proper and safe transportation and authentication of master equipment for on-site calibrations
  • To prepare daily schedules of team.
  • To print calibration certificates prepared by respective calibration engineers/ technicians.
  • To ensure receiving inspections are being performed on incoming equipment from client.
  • To prepare the delivery notes and ensure that invoices are being dispatched along with equipment and delivery note.
  • To prepare and paste the labels on equipment calibrated on the same day.
  • To perform all other related jobs assigned by Management/Supervisor/ Engineers
  • Your job description may vary from time to time with the sole discretion of the company.

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